The man of elegance, class, heritage, a Prince.

The title of “Mir” was derived from the Arabic origin, Emir, or the prince, general. The title was adopted in various cultures and led to entitlement of the members of royal heritage who lived on after the Mughal rule in India and its neighboring countries.

With the title endured a certain dignity, power and grace that exude royalty and heritage. The Mirs of India were known for their lavish lifestyle, impeccable elegance and a wardrobe par none. The legacy which lives on in certain cultures is evident in the form of apparel and jewelry and in some cases, men.

Mir The Label brings this man to the fore and celebrates his charisma. We bring to you the authenticity of Sherwanis, Sherwani buttons, the royal jewelry, brogans, the elitist closet, the brand, Mir.


To become a brand for Classic Menswear and market authentic apparel bringing back the originality and style of ethnic wear in its true form and style.


Our mission is as authentic as the collection we possess. Bringing back the Sherwani, Sherwani buttons, footwear, sherwani accessories, everything tailored to perfection.

Time and again, we witness the conjuncture of men’s ethnic wear that has taken a garish turn and on the other end, the lack of availability of knowledge of a simple sherwani that led to frustration of the simple man. The man that wants to look and feel good in his own skin, to know what he is wearing and to embellish his closet with only the best.

Mir the Label designs are kept with all this in mind with necessary customizations as preferred.


The origin of the traditional Sherwani has two theories – it is said to be inspired by the attire of the Turkish, Persian noblemen; and another theory being an ethnic version of the British FrockCoat to be adorned upon formal occasions and this was later on adapted by the Mughal Empire. The Sherwanis of the time were woven with the finest cloth and gold threads, adorned with dignified buttons, stitched to best suit the wearer, giving him a dignified air and matched with the most exquisite Turra and gold threaded Dastaar and an illustrious Sarpech.


When we think of Sherwani, we think of a groom in an over embroidered silk and bright gold dress with jewellery and a contrast churidaar, whilst holding a plastic sword and a borrowed necklace from his mother for his big day.

We scream NO.  The Sherwani is the sign of simplicity and decency, made with the finest of cloth that speaks sobriety, stitched to fit a man that knows that he is wearing a Sherwani and not a dress. The buttons certainly do not come with the Sherwani, the kaach and loops allow him to wear the buttons of his choice, the Hyderabadi Asharfi, the Charminar, semiprecious gemstones, minus all the noise of too much embroidery, the bottom is a plain white Khada Pajama, or Churidaar and not a silk trouser.

Presently, if we look at the simple, classic Sherwani, two popular versions are to be seen around; the Achkan Sherwani that ends above the knee and is worn with a churidaar and the other Sherwani is the one which ends below the knee and this can also be worn with a churidaar or a regular straight legged pajama, this version is mostly worn among Muslims. Both styles are made in simple cloth, minus extreme embroidery and look best in plain cloth, either with minimal or no self-design. Classic and decent stitched to a fit.

The art of stitching and wearing the original Sherwani is only visible when we are done shielding our eyes from all the gaudy ones. The clean stitching allows the wearer to behold a handsome posture and a demeanor to match. The Mir.


We look forward to bringing back the original Sherwani and the quintessence of the modern day man. We condemn falling prey to the jazz of the world and trace the culture back to its true form.

Mir The Label aims to be the brand for elementary Sherwani and its accessories. We aspire to cater to the men with exquisite taste, an eye for detail and decorum. Wherever there is a demand for ethnic menswear, we intend to be their choice, not only because of our collection and customized approach to our clients, but because of the knowledge and craftsmanship that we have to offer with each piece.